Collected Interventions

Collected Interventions (2021-2022) is an assemblage of thirty 35mm film photographs, selected from an edition of fifty small stickers prepared for playful intervention. The formation of Collected Interventions serves as a retrospective of a year’s worth of observational landscape photography – bringing images together in conversation within one work. The careful curation of the images poses a mirror to the mindfully slow approach of capturing the environment both locally and nationally, in urban, suburban and rural settings. It speaks of a conscious, empathetic, reciprocal relationship between photographer and landscape. The grid-like layout also reflects our modern ritual with ‘the grid’ of Instagram, my most common route of curation-sharing.

The work, framed, is 66cm x 74cm and from 14th June 2024 is on display at University Hospital Coventry & Warwickshire main hospital in Walsgrave, on the ground floor opposite the main entrance, on the side of Marks & Spencer. See here for install images. It is for sale for £450 with 20% going to the UHCW Charity. Email for more info:

It has previously been exhibited at Rugby Open (December, 2022) and RBSA Photography Prize (March, 2023).

Limited edition sticker collection info:
November 2015: edition of 150 (50 different images, 3 of each)
May 2019: edition of 100 (25 different images, 2 of each)
July 2022: edition of 150 (50 different images, 3 of each – images featured in ‘Collected Interventions’)
March 2024: edition of 150 (50 images, 3 of each)

Collected Interventions installed at University Hospital Coventry & Warwickshire

14th June, 2024, Clifford Bridge Rd, Coventry CV2 2DX