Mother Anglia

August, 2021

Mother Anglia, filmed August 2020 at Wicken Fen, the oldest National Trust nature reserve and wetland in East Anglia. Drawn to the work ‘Mother…’ by¬†Studio Morison, commissioned by Wysing Arts Centre as part of the programme New Geographies, I set out with my own mother the week a five-year old relationship with my co-parent ended. With paternal ancestral heritage from the area, and my (divorced) maternal side of the family having since coincidentally settled nearby, to perform a pilgrimage to ‘Mother…’ became a richly-layered, explorative narrative of birth, rebirth, motherhoods, place and home, as well as an opportunity to process trauma, change and loss.

03:26, .MOV format.
Viewable here, please email me for the password to view.